Suzuki FZ50

The return of the moped



Pictures from the suzuki when rebuilding

The new pictures is at the bottom

the old at the top







The Suzuki FZ50 moped don´t look so good at the pictures, but i´m still rebuilding the moped up from the ground, it will soon be back on the road. The model on the pictures is from the year 1984 so it´s a bit old, it will also bee a cheap moped at the end. It will cost about 250 Dollars ($)  and about 267 Euros in Europe, so one lucky man or woman, can join the power of the Suzuki FZ50 for quite few money. The moped has a better cylinder then normal, orginal there is 2 holes in the cylinder sides, but on this model there is 3 holes who lead the fuel from the crankcase to the top of the cylinder, it will give the moped some more horse powers so it wil kick some ass on the roads.