How to Pay - The Procedure (Hit Counter )

1. The price is 5,- US $ + delivery.

2. Payment can be done by sending a check, money or by transferring the money to the following bank account in Denmark:

Bank name: "Sparekassen Kronjylland"
Bank account number: "Reg# 9335 - Account# 315-57-79526" 
(Remember to write your name/email-address with the payment).
* please be advised that some banks take a fee for international money transactions.

Postal address: Kristian Reesen Skouboe - Rosenholmvej 21 - DK-8900 Randers - Denmark

3a. Then you go onto the Order page and fill out the information about yourself. You will then receive the product within 3-4 days.

3b. You can also send us an email and ask to order the product, if the page does not work, or you can write a letter to me with the money.

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