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Switching from Athlon XP to a Pentium 4 system - Yeah!

My Athlon XP system ran like a beauty. BUT! The Air Cooling System was very noisy. Furthermore I have never really liked using AMD's CPUs. Therefore I thought.... Let's buy a Pentium 4 system instead. So I did. And I have never been happier.

Some photos of the swap-out:

My memories:

I remember that it was a hard thing to put on air cooling and the cooling block on the Athlon XP system. I nearly broke the motherboard, because of the hatch that needs to clip around the processor. I think it was a very very bad design. When installing the Pentium 4 processor (of course it was a in-a-box) it was a easy as just clipping it on the processor and using the two plastic arms and lock it down onto the processor. Very very easy.

Therefore if you are not a professional, I really recommend buying specially a Pentium 4 processor as an "In-A-Box" expansion kit.

This is just my memories.

22-06-2003 16:54:52 +0200